Genova News Co. was started in 1970 and became incorporated in 1980. It has grown from a one product distribution with six stores and six vending machines to distribution of over fifteen major titles. The company has fourteen full time employees and thirty-five independent contractors covering fourty-five routes along the I-96 corridor with distributive concentrations in the greater East Lansing, Lansing, and Grand Rapids metropolitan areas. The concept of multiple title distribution combining home delivery, wholesale, and retail into a single entity has evolved over the past 42 years which began with a single title home delivery route in 1959. Currently Genova News services in excess of three thousand home delivery customers on a daily basis as well as 1500 point of purchase outlets. The concepts of collegiate Readership programs which now has gone nation wide was started here at Michigan State University over 20 years ago. Genova News and its relationship with Michigan State University and its readership program is regarded through out the industry as the premiere collegiate readership program in the nation.